Британия Номер Телефона

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От: Discord
您的 Discord 安全码是:563644 tzD9jY28Wrn
От: Discord
Your Discord security code is: 896742
От: Signal
Your SIGNAL verification code is: 319067 doDiFGKPO1r@
От: Vinted
vinted.co.uk code: 9415. Valid for 3 minutes.
Your OpenRent auth code is: 8503. Please go back to www.openrent.uk/auth to enter. Your email is: lisa.hassani@essec.edu @www.openrent.co.uk #8503
От: PayPal
PayPal: Thanks for confirming your phone number. Log in to the app to manage settings: https://py.pl/3Ukk5YW8Zfl
3675 is your phone verification code for https://switchere.com.
От: Bolt
8243 este codul tău Bolt de activare.
От: 美团
От: Bolt
3838 is your Bolt activation code.
От: O2 UK
*SECURITY WARNING* The one-time code you requested will arrive shortly. DO NOT give this code to anyone. If someone's calling you and asking for a code, they DO NOT work for O2. Call us on 202 if you suspect fraud so we can protect your account.
От: O2 UK
983994 - Welcome to O2 Wifi, this is your verification code.
От: Bolt
9362 is your Bolt activation code.
От: Yubo
Yubo code: 6172. Valid for 3 minutes.
От: ZCity
[ZCity] Verification code 2972, you are trying to modify your login password, please keep your account information safe.